UpdateThe passion drew over 2.4 million viewers on Thursday night on NPO 1. Performances by Buddy Vedder and Marlijn Weerdenburg in particular receive much praise on social media. These two show you how to sing and act.

With a lot of rain, the cast had to leave The passion on stage Thursday night. Ferdi Stofmeel and Bertrie left before Wierenga RTL Boulevard waiting for the weather to clear, but it didn’t. However, it did not stop the group of actors from doing their best for the audience and viewers at home.

nothing but good

There are many compliments on social media. Especially the performances of Buddy Vedder and Marlijn Weerdenburg caused quite a stir among the spectators. ‘Wow! What a Buddy Vedder performance with Sorry nothing but crooks. I’ll do the Jesus part next year,’ someone comments. And another: ‘Damn, that Buddy doesn’t have the leading role, but he gets it, he empathizes’.

Weerdenburg can also count on a lot of praise. “It’s wonderful how Marlin knows how to sing in these weather conditions,” writes a viewer, for example. Someone else claims that the actress is “a global talent.” “She sounds so good that she almost doesn’t seem live.”

The actress and singer herself speaks on social networks of an “incredibly beautiful experience.” ‘It was nice to be able to do that. All those thousands of people in the rain. The beautiful and powerful stories of the cross bearers, my colleagues, each of whom I have come to love. I’ve wanted this for so long. she plays Maria. And to be part of such a great and intense show. Only love here. I will never forget this.’

the cast of The passion This year it was made up of Sinan Eroglu (Jesus), Marlijn Weerdenburg (Mary), Buddy Vedder (Judas), Ferdi Stofmeel (Peter), Bertrie Wierenga (Mary Magdalene) and Dragan Bakema (Pilate). The story was told by Thomas van Luyn. It is also popular with viewers. “Deeply impressed by the storyteller Thomas van Luyn” and “what a wonderfully good storyteller” are the reactions.

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Louise Jansen The passion

The role of Barabbas was played this year by reality star Louisa Janssen. Barabbas, the prisoner released in place of Jesus, is often played by someone who was discredited the previous year.

Janssen was on the show this season Real girls in the jungle, in which he attacked the also candidate Esmee and therefore had to leave the program. The role was played last year by Dennis Schouten, who was sued by Famke Louise along with her colleague Jan Roos. Famke Louise herself, singer Ben Saunders, gymnast Yuri van Gelder, reality star Dave Roelvink and former cyclist Thomas Dekker have also played the role.

In addition to Janssen, other Dutch acquaintances also made a surprise appearance. The singer John de Bever, his partner Kees Stevens, the magician Steven Kazàn, the photographer William Rutten, the former skater Michel Mulder and the politician Gert-Jan Segers, among others, passed through there.

The thirteenth edition of The passion was held in Harlingen on Thursday. For the first time since the corona pandemic, an audience was again present at the event.

Better viewed than last year

The passion it looked a little better this year with 2.4 million viewers than the previous edition (2.2 million viewers). In 2021, 2.5 million viewers watched Easter celebrated for the second time without an audience due to corona, the first corona version attracted 2.7 million viewers in 2020, slightly more than the previous year (2.4 millions). The record number of viewers is more than 3.5 million, in 2015.

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Buddy Vedder in The Passion
Buddy Vedder in The Passion ©kr

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