If you want to buy an electric car, there are many options. But it’s too bad these awesome sci-fi movie cars can’t be found at a dealership. WANT editor Dennis Mons lists seven of his favorites.

If I buy a car again, it will definitely be an electric one. But while there are great models like the Tesla, a Polestar or a BMW i7, I prefer to drive these brilliant inventions and, in some cases, fly.

The sci-fi electric car that everyone wants

The intriguing thing about these vehicles from the movies is that some of them were actually seen as science fiction, but some of them have become reality. This first of the seven is a good example of this.

1. Lexus 2054 from the sci-fi movie minority report

This fat box is a concept car from the movie. minority report with Tom Cruise. The car has a cool futuristic design and features advanced technology like facial recognition and self-driving features like a Tesla. Although the impressive 2054 Lexus was never built, it has influenced the development of modern automobiles and technologies.

2. Turn off the Spinner Bounty hunter

This beast is high on my wish list. This flying electric car Bounty hunter It’s as bad as Blade Runners themselves. The car (we’ll call it an automatic) is aerodynamic and can take off and land vertically. Very useful if you live in the heart of Utrecht.

spinner, bounty runner, sci fi
K Spinner (and it’s Peugeot). (Image: Wikipedia)

3. Cycle light off thunder

If I cheat, well, I’ll just take out the brutal light cycle. thunder In the list, it is not an electric car but an electric motor. thunder is, by the way, an iconic (not too good) sci-fi movie that has cult status (that sequel was unnecessary).

This bike is used in the movie in a competition to knock each other out by pushing the opponent against a wall. Apart from the fact that thunder it’s iconic, the light cycle certainly is. And the LEGO version is cool too.

In fact, you can buy the Light Cycle, but it will cost you $55,000.

4. From the sci-fi Land Rover judge dredd (nineteen ninety five)

this brutal crap judge dredd it is based on the 1970s Land Rover 101FC and features prominently in the film.

The electric car is designed to function in a post-apocalyptic environment and features an armored body and off-road capability. It is equipped with a machine gun and a grenade launcher and can be used for patrols and attacks against enemies of the state. The machine is also used as a taxi. The Land Rover has become an iconic image of the judge dreddfranchise.

5. Will Smith’s Fat Electric Car

This Audi RSQ that Will Smith drives is unbelievably beautiful. The electric car is in the movie. I robot and has a striking design with gull-wing doors and a curved, streamlined body. An absolute must.

audi rsq, electric car, irobot
The Audi RSQ in I, Robot. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

6. The Alien Killer: M577

The M577 is an armored personnel carrier that appears in the science fiction movie. aliens from 1986. The vehicle is used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCMC) and is designed to transport troops and equipment. The M577 is equipped with chunky weapon systems such as machine guns and rocket launchers. Useful if you have to face a Xenomorph.

7. Electric police car turned off demolition man

The SAPD Cruiser is an electric police car that appears in the science fiction film. demolition man from 1993 (with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes). Used by the San Angeles Police Department (SAPD), the vehicle is equipped with weapons such as a machine gun and can be used for patrols and chases. They are options that I also want to have with my electric car.

sapd cruiser, electric car
Really a good movie. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Come to think of it, all electric cars are kind of boring these days. So I’ll wait another thirty years.

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