After a little initial skepticism, the true wireless headphones quickly conquered the hearts of thousands of people in all the world. Comodi da indossare in qualunque situazione, ci liberano dall’impiccio (e dal annoyance) dei cavi penzoloni dal telefono o dal lettore MP3.

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In this market segment, gli Apple AirPods non hanno di certo bisogno di grandi presentazioni. Arriving in the third generation, they have contributed to innovating a set (what degli true wireless headphones) that has acquired a semper maggiore relevance with the passing of the years. Le cuffie senza fili della Mela Morsicata assicurano un’experienza audio avvolgente e immersiva, grazie a tecnologie come l’audio spaziale. And thank you allo sconto top su Amazon, non sono mai state così convenienti come oggi.

Apple AirPods third generation

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Apple AirPods third generation technical schedule: features and functionality

More ergonomic and comfortable anchor inside the first and second generation AirPods, the latest version of Apple’s true wireless headphones for the sound fedelta and dell’immersive experience i propri cavalli di battaglia. Thanks to the new design, the cuff fits perfectly inside the ear pads, without dare nessun annoying. Using it in the course of the outdoor sessions (it is resistant to sweat, water and dust), do not twice have trouble losing a person: do not lose it during the exercises of the movement.

Sul fronte dell’experienza di ascolto, the qualitative leap is still clearly evident. With L’spatial audio It will come assist the live concerts of your favorite singers or groups: the AirPods dynamically calculate the position of the head to optimize the weight constraints. L’adaptive equalizer, dall’altro lato, sfrutta powerful artificial intelligence algorithm to calibrate the music in the shape of our ear. Insomma, perfect for an experience of personalized bidding to your liking and the shape of your own orecchio.

Rispetto ai vecchi AirPods, poi, quelli di third generation assicurano un’autonomia mai vista prima. With a single carica guaranteeing fine at 6 hours of continuous charge, while with the custody of Ricardo Lightining the autonomy arrives fine at 30 hours. Insomma, i rischi di restare sinza musica sono davvero ridotti al minimo.

Apple, gli auricolari sinza fili a interessi 0: rate, sconto e prezzo finale

As initially accented, the offer of messages about Apple Airpods is one of the non-Farsi options that are slightly lighter. Gli true wireless headphones from the Casa di Cupertino are available with one 19% discount on the listwith the prize che descende dai 209.00 euros consigliati da Apple ai 169.00 euros offer on Amazon.

Gli iscritti ad Amazon Prime possono poi scegliere di I will pay at interest rate 0 and without spese di struttoria. In this mode gli Apple AirPods of the third generation costanno 34 euros per month for five months.

Apple AirPods third generation

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