Participate in Find the Egg and win fantastic prizes
Participate in Find the Egg and win fantastic prizes © RTV East

It’s Easter Monday and that’s why it’s time for Find the Egg. We will start at 10:00 am! The RTV East Easter bunnies have hidden 14 silver and 1 gold eggs. On this page you will find all the clues that can help you find these eggs. Download the RTV Oost app and you will have all the instructions in your pocket. Also follow Radio and TV Oost and let us know how the search goes on Twitter @zoekhetei.

Update 4 pm: All eggs have been found, the search is over.

Clues can consist of a map location with a radius, (cryptic) descriptions, a photo, or a live video. As the day progresses, more and more clues follow.

Map showing the locations of the silver eggs.

The Silver Egg locations can be seen on the map below starting at 10am (more locations will be added throughout the day). Zooming in makes the hide more visible. Each egg has an indication of the radius within which the egg is hidden from the point on the map.

Note: all eggs are hidden in public, ‘logical’ places. Avoid land that clearly belongs to a farmer and places like cemeteries. And if you go looking, do it with respect for nature!

Don’t see a map above? Click here to open it in a new window.

clues silver eggs

Egg 1: Genemuiden (Egg found!)

Hint 1: The egg was still in my jewelry box yesterday.

Egg 2: Lemele (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: You have to be where the sea begins.
Hint 2: Search for Easter eggs in Lemele, the sport is over.
Hint 3: Do not enter the alleys, dark or not.
Hint 4: It’s like Easter: there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Egg 3: De Lutte (the egg has been found!)
Track 1: Truus favourite.

Egg 4: Kuinre (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: Well, there are quite a few.
Hint 2: Everyone in Kuinre likes water. Also, I’m afraid of heights.
Hint 3: You won’t get your feet wet with me.

Egg 5: Vriezenveen (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: Got a bit of a Mad Max feeling too?
Hint 2: It’s pretty dangerous in my area. I’m not lying there, so don’t go anywhere you are NOT allowed to go.

Egg 6: Zwolle (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: Almelo is not far away.
Hint 2: Don’t look for me on the channel.

Egg 7: Haaksbergen (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: There’s a colorful green nearby, but I’m not there.
Hint 2: It can also get wild in the east.
Track 3: Sadness and joy are sometimes very close together. But don’t look for sadness!

Egg 8: Dalfsen (the egg has been found!)

Tip 1: Wet feet are not necessary.

Egg 9: Reutum (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: I’m not camping, so don’t look for me there.

Egg 10: Lutten (Egg found!)

Hint 1: You won’t find me if you want to lose your money.

Egg 11 Enschede (the egg has been found!)

Clue 1: Near someone who was never found, with a loud bang after which the sound went off.
Hint 2: Do you see kingfishers, woodpeckers, owls and… flamingos around the area yet?

Egg 12: Marienheem (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: Linderte Leide is my home, although it is also divided by the N35.
Hint 2: Married to the water, so put on your boots!

Egg 13: Rijssen (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: A little further on it’s not yours, but it’s still your own land.

Egg 14: Deventer (the egg has been found!)

Hint 1: A stone’s throw away.

Golden Egg Clues (Found!)

Hint 1: If you know where I was last year, you also know which region I’m not in right now.
Hint 2: A few hundred years ago here was a soggy mess.
Hint 3: I know my limits.
Hint 4: You won’t find spikes here, but…
Hint 5: My rest area is named after an old man! meandering border river.
Hint 6: They used to serve both milk and beer here.
Hint 7: My neighbor recently caused a lot of delays on the track.