Danjil Tuhumena (49), who starred in the second season of The Voice of Holland, has had a period of total darkness. The singer and guitarist narrates Better than ever you’re lucky to still be here.

In the Martijn Krabbé and Waylon show we see ‘familiar faces from yesteryear’ from talent shows like idols, star maker, X Factor and The Voice of Holland. For most, participating in a talent show did not turn out to be the fairy tale they expected. Some stories are even downright heartbreaking – by Marlies Kempe idols for example, who suffered the many hateful reactions. or of idolswinner Raffaëla Paton, who opened a booklet about how she fell into a life of using speed to lose weight.

Danjil tells in Better Than Ever that he was very sick

Danjil also has a tragic story to tell. However, this has nothing to do with his involvement. The voice because that has given him something beautiful. “I was lucky that Charly Luske also participated. We always played together. Charly then told me: if I continue after this, I would like you to become my permanent guitarist. Crazy! I still am now.

The fact that the last few years have been so difficult for him is because his health was very poor. “At one point I got very sick. Then it turned out that my hemoglobin (blood value), which should be between 7 and 11, was 1.7 for me. So that’s really comatose, normally. Very dangerous.”

Liver cirrhosis

In the hospital it turned out that Danjil had cirrhosis of the liver. “That means your liver is so damaged that you really need a new one. It seems to be more common in people who drink a lot. No. In fact, they still know what’s causing me. I walked with him for a year or two.”

That went well for him. She even went on a theater tour with Luske. But others saw him that he was wrong. “If her liver isn’t working properly, the toxins can’t get out. You don’t really realize yourself that you are so sick, but the people around you do. My body was yellow and my belly was full of liquid.”

The fact that he continued on stage despite his illness had its reasons. “I have a family and I only have to put bread on the table. That is something that has always driven me. And the music always gave me force.” At one point his nephews and brothers rang the doorbell. “They said: you really have to stop playing now. You can not continue that way. You really need to rest now. But I was like, how? In the end they helped me a lot. Also financially, of course. If they hadn’t helped me, I probably would have had to leave my house.”

A new liver for Danjil

Finally, the redemptive message came that there was a new liver for him, but the singer was again very unlucky: he was not allowed to have surgery due to corona. Despite the setbacks, he remained positive. “I knew it: it probably shouldn’t be like this right now. I am religious and have always put my trust in Him. I had also accepted myself that if I don’t make it, so be it.” He found it especially difficult for his family. “Of course it’s a torment to leave your partner behind, to your son and your daughter. You see the pain, that actually hurt me more than the fact that I’m not there anymore. It was a difficult time.”

He will still be fine on March 4, 2022. He goes to the hospital for a new liver and has to stay there for over a month to see if his body accepts the new organ. “Fortunately, it went well for me. The fact that you’re still allowed to be here and be able to do this, that’s a blessing.”

You can see Better Than Ever through RTL XL.

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