A foot of electrical energy It is certainly più economico di a pieno di benzina, ma non c’è a degree of convenience that is worth in termini assoluti. On the contrary, the difference between one country and the other may be surprising, as seen in a recent study published in Great Britain from drive electric, riportato dall’Ansa.

The uncertainties registered in their markets between 2021 and 2022 have generated a scenario for which some of us have been able to find an increase in prices that have not exceeded 80%, limiting the fattola real convenience of electric power rispetto al traditional pieno di benzina.

Car electricity and consumption: the study

The price of diesel goes up, the cost of electric energy goes down: trail 2021 and 2022, in Great Britain, the weight for vehicles with endothermic motors is almost 9% lower than that for BEV vehicles on the 22nd, 9th floor %

Starting from this premesse, che vedono assottigliarsi il Varied price tra carburanti ed energia pulita, turn on avvio lo studio pubblicato da drive electricche fa il punto sulla reale convenienza dei veicoli eletrici ed evidenzia le notevoli differenze, in termini di risparmio, tra i diversi Paesi del mundo.

the difference trail fuel cost and what dell’energia electrica, intense as a sort of “risparmium index”, inevitably riflette le conseguenze degli sconvolgimenti degli ultimi due anni: in alcuni Paesi europei, in particular, il electricity price It is increased by another 50%, going to heavily influence its real suitability of alternative fuels. Svezia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, Finland and Austria are the countries that account for the uncertainty of the markets to a greater extent, increasing from +87.3% to +52.5%.

Nell’indagine di Drive Electric l’Italy If positioned against the Paesi maggiormente coinvolti dall’increase in price, with an increase of 46.8% expected already 2021. I European countries that have not resisted meglio, Olanda and Portogallo, have reported that they have seen prices of at least 10% come out all year before.

I Paesi in cui la mobilità eletrica convenience di più

Il divario tra il cost del carburante e quello dell’energia si sta quindi assottigliando, ma soltanto en Europa e, in modusa più dear, negli Stati Uniti. All the other bosses in the world, il risparmio garantito da veicoli eletrici surpasses the highest rose expectations: it comes to Hong KongWhere the weight for diesel and benzina exceeds 817.06% that for the electric power, also in Porcelain (700.42%) and in Turkey (649.40%) – deafly grows the attesa for the prime brand of the national electric SUV.

I Paesi europei in cui si registrar il risparmio maggiore sono ungheria my Norway: that the difference between the cost of fuel and that of electric energy, calculated on the necessary consumption to travel 100 miles, is up to 758.62% and 727.44%.

The price of a full power supply, under the study, is usually much lower than that of the traditional fuels: there are still few differences between a BEV model and the other, if it is estimated that the domestic ricarica per 100 km The autonomy for a veicolo di cilindrata average cost about 4 euros (qui a profondimento its come calcolare i costi di ricarica).

I will dispense with the fluctuations of the prices at the gasoline pump, to run the same distance with the next car diesel ao benzina hardly cost enoughi 10 euro – 13.93 euro with the prices of this week, considering as 7.5 liters the amount of gasoline necessary to run that distance