match reportGo Ahead Eagles was on a pink cloud after good results against FC Utrecht and Ajax. Rene Hake’s team thundered again in Arnhem on Saturday night. A team that had adjusted quite a bit due to injuries did not pick up the pace for a moment and thus revived the ailing Vitesse. The home team didn’t even have to play big to beat the GA Eagles 2-0.

The GA Eagles were short four players. It was already known that the injured Gerrit Nauber and Oliver Edvardsen would not make the trip to Arnhem. Fredrik Oppegard and Federico Mattiello were not on the scoreboard either.


So, José Fontan started at left-back, while Jay Idzes moved a line back to replace Gerrit Nauber at centre. Enric Llansana and Rashaan Fernandes also returned to Hake’s starting lineup. Finn Stokkers started on the bench.

Unlike a week earlier against Ajax (0-0), GA Eagles let their opponent into the initial phase. Vitesse was allowed to make the play, which led to nothing except a Van Ginkel header into the hands of De Lange.

Free kick or not?

However, after 20 minutes of play, referee Higler ruled that a Llansana tackle on Van Ginkel was enough for a free kick just outside the GA Eagles penalty area. Maximilian Wittek hit the ball hard behind De Lange to make it 1-0 for Vitesse. Then it was up to GA Eagles to find an answer, which didn’t come in the first half. Hake’s team had more ball possession and also became a bit more threatening; However, it did not provide great opportunities. Higler still threw Bobby Adekanye on the receipt.

Despite the lackluster first act, Hake decided not to intervene halfway through. Although that will also have to do with the lack of options regarding the reserve bank. Things didn’t improve when Amofa had to leave the field injured six minutes into the second half. He took over from Bas Kuipers (left back), so Fontan went on to play in the center alongside Idzes.

lose yourself in it

Through Sankoh, Vitesse immediately had some good chances, while Rommens, on the other side, chased a ball over the goal. But Vitesse grew stronger, and the 2-0 after the break seemed mainly a matter of timing. At GA Eagles, the forwards were often a bit lost; they didn’t get a decent ball.

Just when Hake had a triple substitution in the pipeline (Fernandes, Adekanye and Llansana fell in favor of Sow, Stokkers and Linthorst), the second goal fell. Sankoh gave the decisive push to make it 2-0 after the umpteenth corner from Vitesse. A phone goal, because GA Eagles were not (anymore) involved at all.

The substitutions also had no effect on Hake’s team, which struggled unsuccessfully for a connecting goal. It wasn’t really possible for a moment on a subpar night for the GA Eagles in Arnhem. Lidberg found the crossbar with one of the few reasonably well played chances of the night. The fact that entry into the Eredivisie is not yet a foregone conclusion will have entered Deventer’s minds again.

Vitesse – Georgia Eagles 2-0 (1-0). 21. Maximilian Wittek 1-0, 64. Mohamed Sankoh 2-0. Referee: Hiller. Yellow card: Adekanye, Fontan (GA Eagles). Spectators: 19,134.

Vitesse Configuration: Sharpen; Arcus (86. Hajek), Flamingo, Isimat-Mirin, Wittek; Manhoef (90+2. Van Duivenbooden), Meulensteen, Van Ginkel (90+2. Domgjoni), Kozloswki (79. Oroz); Bero; Sankoh (79. Tronstad).

GA Eagles lineup: The length; Deijl, Amofa (51. Kuipers), Idzes, Fontan; Llansana (65. Linthorst), Rommens, Fernandes (65. Stokkers), Adekanye (65. Sow); Willumson, Lidberg.