fast web It is available for new clients of the mobile network that have purchased a Remote SIM with home deliveryquindi ad esempio onlineDell New modality for all activation procedures della scheda telephone consigned at home, permission to use SPID and CIE (Carta d’Identità Elettronica)Oltre alla videoidentificazione già in use da alcuni anni.

La novità, che consente quindi ai nuovi clients Fastweb Mobile di utilizzare i core digital identity services To identify the SIM holder, it is available any weekday.

Yes, remember, che major day 2020 Fastweb aveva adopted the video identification procedure for remote SIM activation, as it was state già fatto da altri operators in that period. Previously, with Fastweb Mobile it was necessary to send a photocopy of your own ID document via email, with service activation within 48 hours.

Once, as reported in the note from the site of the operator, I entered 7 days of work from the ordinance sarà Consigned to the SIM, it will not work but is still activequindi prima di insert it into the smartphone è necessary to carry out the identification procedure.

fine ad now, To activate it, it was possible for Eseguire to release the video identification procedure. In this case, the SIM will have poi I enter the 48 successive hours there validation. Tutte le informazioni necessarie per effettuare questi passaggi saranno presenti nella documentazione allegata alla SIM.

Adessothe operator has Expanded the cell to the disposal of the clients so that they can identify and activate the SIM delivery at home dopo acquired it from a distance.

In particular, alla consueta procedure di video identification if she still prays Possibility of identifying with SPID (Public Digital Identity System) and CIE (Electronic Identity Card).

Rispetto alla videoidentificación, using SPID and CIE if requested later and time for the activation of the SIMin quantity it is not necessary to attend the verification by an operator of the video inviatoOne turn to see the access effected with SPID or CIE the Fastweb SIM will be suddenly active.

In tutti i almostone turn consigned to the SIM it is necessary to use the Fastweb site page dedicated to all’attivazione delle nuove SIM (ecco il link directto)insert your own Fiscal Code (or the Partita VAT in the case of Business clients: in this case the identification procedure will be followed by the Legal Representative), and in fine Insert the last five digits of the Serial Number (ICCID) of the SIM (starting with 893908), presenti sul retro della SIM Fastweb revuta.

At this point, with the introduction of the new digital identity system, there is now a The data on the screen accepts the new client to select the identification method that he prefers, using SPID, CIE and video identification.

In general, the Fastweb client can affect the identification procedure gives smartphone, tablet and gives PC. process smartphone or tablet browser compatibility sound: Safari for Apple device (iOS); Google Chrome or Samsung Browser per Android device.

Why use it personal computer It is sometimes possible to use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome; Mozilla Firefox; microsoft edge.

Come use SPID and CIE to activate Fastweb SIM

For how much it protects SPIDSelecting this mode on the SIM activation page on the Fastweb site will be rich in I will access with my own credenziali, first selecting my own digital identity manager.

Scegliendo reverses the Carta d’Identita Elettronica (CIE)I new Fastweb clients can activate the SIM using one of the access modalities offered by the CIE.

dopo see complete the procedure with one of the two digital identity systems, the SIM fast web sarà quindi subito active, and if riceverà il follow SMS:

The activation procedure of your SIM is andata a buon fine. I enter 48 hours before I can pick it up and start using it. Information and ricarica su

Inoltre, if the client has requested the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) on Fastwebat the end of the identification procedure SPID and CIE You will also receive an SMS containing the necessary link to complete the riches.

Ecco how video identification works

Per quanto riguarda invece la video identityIt will be necessary with the Fastweb SIM to activate, the identity document and the tax code provided at the time of purchase, a smartphone, tablet or PC with photo camera or webcam tovata che consenta di potere proceed with video and photo.

When you need this, it will be necessary to enable the webcam or the photo camera to effect a video of the volto itself attached to the front of the identity documentlie successively if dovranno front and back photography of the identity document.

To allow correct identification, it is necessary that the document be leggibili and privi of protective plastic, the environment is illuminated and that the identity document is in original (non-acceptable copy of the document) and that it comes in position as possible next to the camera.

At the end of the procedure, the client will be able to control the video and photo effect and eventually repeat the procedure, even if he will be able to confirm the shipment. a search point An operator will control the video and invite the photo.

I enter 48 lavorative mineral give the procedure completely if you will see a SMS with the activation value of the Fastweb SIM card.

If so, the SIM will be activated. I know if the richest portability of the number in Fastweb, il passaggio avverrà input 48 ore lavorative dall’avvenuta activazione della SIM.

if notthe customer receives a communication by sms with the UN link to repeat the identification video procedure.

Fastweb allows the effect to be fine at three attempts. The procedure is extended to the third attempt non sarà andata a buon fineAn operator will help the client to follow it. The procedure with operatore (dopo il terzo tentativo) sarà gestita process a videochiamata.

fast webformally ill fifth operator of Italian rete mobile, si appoggia alle reti TIM (in 2G and 4G) and WINDTRE (for 5G and other previous technologies, including 4G, 3G and 2G), well now not at the same time.

A quest proposition, if you appreciate it, come già reported in detail from MondoMobileWebTutte le New SIM purchased from October 24, 2022 I sound of color giallo and I come poi directly activate your WINDTRE gridAllowing you to drink without the sudden and without receiving the 5G network up to 1.6 Gbps.

In precedence, before the Fastweb SIM comes to activate its TIM network up to 4G and poi, in case of using a 5G smartphone, come to migrate to the WINDTRE network up to a period of time. duke, currently with the new Fastweb Mobile SIM activations the TIM network is no longer used, meanwhile there is still used by those who are Fastweb clients who are not still still migrants all the WINDTRE network. Sulle SIM Fastweb the TIM 2G and 4G network can be used with a maximum speed of 150 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload.

If Emanuele rings for the signaling.

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