FC Twente have picked up three points against Cambuur with ease. Especially before the break, the goalkeeper was completely outclassed at the Grolsch Veste: 4-0. FC Twente thus takes fifth place from Sparta and catches up with AZ.

FC Twente shot off the grid into their own half. Ron Jans had given clear instructions to his team to attack early and they succeeded in the twelfth minute. On a pass from Vaclav Cerny, it was Ricky van Wolfswinkel who deftly worked the ball behind Cambuur’s goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter.

Chances for a second goal followed immediately, including through Virgil Misidjan, who was not accurate. It was Michel Vlap. Almost a year after he last scored against Sparta on April 22, 2022, he struck again. That caused great joy among the player, the coach and the entire Grolsch Veste.

Michel Vlap.
Michel Vlap. © Pro Shots / Ron Jonker

It was Sem Steijn who made Cambuur’s half-time score even worse: 3-0. At that time, the Friesians had yet to score a single shot, to the tukkers’ nineteen shots. Sjors Ultee made four substitutions at the half, but the damage was done.

Gijs Smal dueling with Mitchel Paulissen.
Gijs Smal dueling with Mitchel Paulissen. © ANP

In the second half, Ruiter managed to keep his goal clean for half an hour. With fifteen minutes to go, Joshua Brenet once again caused smiles in the stadium. The right side was the end point of an attack prepared by Gijs Smal. That meant his third assist of the afternoon for star player Smal. The left-back was the first to do so on behalf of FC Twente since Hakim Ziyech in 2015.

For example, FC Twente did good business in the sub-top of the Eredivisie. Because Sparta managed to win in AZ last night, Ron Jans’s team now closes the Alkmaarders to three points. For Cambuur, meanwhile, the problems continue after the fourth consecutive defeat. With a win, the Frisians had relinquished last place to FC Groningen, but that was not possible in Enschede.

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