Vodafone is one of the most famous and used mobile telephony companies in Italy. With the overwhelming concurrence that, a suon di offer migliori, suddenly met giorno dopo giorni gli affari, Vodafone has thought of an innovative service reserved for the most piccoli, which could represent an innovation in the field of mobile telephony.

Vodafone, merits and problems

Vodafone Headquarters
Ecco Vodafone Italy

company sea mobile telephony in italy, If I didn’t seem to follow it, I just seemed to be alone in a few moments, so I laughed at someone who lived for so long, because of her competence che has always been close to providing benefits migliori to prezzi più bassi.

Basti vedere il marasma generato dall’avvento di una compagnia come Iliad in Italy. The French company infatti, has totally spaccato il mercato, with an’offer di lancio che comprenvava minuti e messaggi inlimitati su tutto il suolo italiana, più 30 Giga di rete internet mobile, sun tutto 5.99 euros already month

This is to say that the market of mobile telephony in Italy has always been through forti periods of uncertainty. Eppure, a compagnia tra le altre, has said that it has good testa, riuscendo not only to grow year after year but also to obtain numerous recognitions for the quality of the service.

Vodafone Parliament.
Vodafone is a multinational company based in London from 2002, it is diventata operating also his Italian smell.

Vodafone can take advantage of a quality of service that many competitor invidiano.
Non a caso infatti, the business is riuscita ad ottenere, for 5 years in linethe title of operator with le migliori prestazioni in Italy. The data arrives from nperf report From 2022, he crowns for the fifth year of the Vodafone row as the operator of the best performances for how much he keeps the mobile retirees.

Vodafone if it is shown unbeatable in diversi campi Pres in that same, for the currency: download and upload speed, navigation success rate, general web browsing experience and for the fruit of streaming content.

Come soon here, alle luci si affiancano le ombre.
Vodafone has recently infatti, faced a cool piccolo relative to the sottoscrizione degli abbonamenti.

LAuthorization Guarantor of the Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCOM) has infatti sanzionato Vodafone SpA for a total Sea €400 million, because of the criticism that emerges in the management of the internal procedure for the cessation of the contractual services. If you turn around the question, please take it from our article carefully.

Tuttavia, the English company, will be able to raffle with a completely new offer, which none of its competitor has proposed. Vediamo di cosa si tratta.

Vodafone Happy vi da maturatizioni

Happy Vodafone
Because I’m happy

Download the free app my vodafoneIt is possible to access the fedeltà V programHappy Odafone.
If it is a free program that, from the end of the week to the end of the next week, propose to the client promotional Variety, che possono andare da risparmi sull’abbonamento fino a scontistica presso negozi fisici di brand affiliates all’iniziativa, come golden point.

The offer is activated April 7, 2023 Tuttavia, è decidedly peculiar.
Gli utenti potranno infatti richiedere ed ottenere delle ripetizioni en linea en qualsiasi materia. You mature saranno adatte a soddisfare esigenze per alunni di scuole elementary, middle and superiori.

Nello specifico, le repeatedizioni avverranno Process the Tutio portal. If you are dealing with a tutor aggregator, you can use it directly online, with whom you can study any subject, with the rhythm that you prefer, potento scegliere orari and durata degli incontri.

The offer of Vodafone all the same, made available 2 free repeats for 60 minutes ignuna, with a tutor who could be trained by gli utenti, for any subject matter and degree of study. To use the offer, please compile the dedicated form, which you can find on the page.

If verra richiamati entered a massimo di 72 minerals Give a tutor, because if you can join Lui, I will find the right organization for the repetitions. Porete quindi organizevi per il giorno che prefererete, all’orario che più vi will be comfortable.

È d’obbligo segnalare, like Vodafone stessa directly record your application, that the code promozionale to see all the repeat access damage on May 13, 2023.