John de Mol has taken the talk show offline HLF8 drawn. Last week was the last episode, which marked the end of an era, because HLF8 was the most sensational, innovative and inimitable talk show Dutch television has ever known. Other than that it was a complete shit show.

Therefore, I was invited as a guest several times, and each time I went to the studio in Amsterdam, because I received five thousand euros for my presence. My tens of thousands of fans will be asking, “Don’t you have enough money to sit in a fucking show?” Well, before I had enough money, but lately I have to earn as much as possible because I bought a very expensive house, as a gift for my girlfriend Lena and our newborn son Roman. By the time he dies, and Lena and Roman inherit the house, it will undoubtedly be worth at least five million, and real estate prices will continue to rise. I believe that if you have a girlfriend and a child, you shouldn’t leave them without means, and that’s why.

Anyway, last week, in the penultimate episode of HLF8I was also a guest. I didn’t know the other guests, except Erik de Zwart, according to my information an ex-radioDJ, who is now a buyer and seller of unmilled chair legs. The others were a sports journalist, a former head of a television channel, a political analyst and a royaltyKnowledgest. The presenter was a young boy, clearly a novice, who asked me the first question: “How is your son Román?”
“Okay,” I said, “and now I can change it with one hand, because obviously I have a cigarette in the other hand.” “Don’t you know that secondhand smoke is bad for a baby?” she asked seriously. “It was just a joke,” I said, “and for the rest of the show, whenever I make a joke, I’ll say, ‘It was just a joke,’ so everyone knows. sometimes they prefer nonsense to seriousness.”

For example, during the interview with the sports journalist about the Ajax – Feijenoord match, in which an Ajax player had been hit on the head with a lighter, I said: “I think the pitcher with the lighter deserves congratulations, because he is not it’s easy to hit a player in the audience, then another player with a bald head, so the head can bleed more. This was just a joke.” During the interview with the political analyst, I said that “Caroline Van der Plas is a fat farmer who needs to milk fewer cows, because she looks very tired. This was just a joke.”

She then moved on to the royal insider, an old hag with too much red lipstick, about the fact that Harry and Meghan shouldn’t be present at Charles’s coronation. I told him: “You better stay away. Harry shot people in Afghanistan and Meghan is a whore.” Then that connoisseur of royalty went crazy. “How dare you!” she yelled. “Meghan is not a slut at all!”
“It was just a joke,” I said. “Calling women whores is never a joke!” The old troll yelled, and then the atmosphere at the table, which wasn’t greasy anyway, was completely screwed up.

Ten minutes later, after the show ended, I hurried home with my driver Sammy, and on the way I thought, what a shame that the disappearance of HLF8 the end of an era.

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