Google is one of the world’s giants in the world of technology, but it is not rare in that years that some of its instruments and its invasions in other fields have not been fruitful to dovere, constraining the company to end its support. Basti will think of Google StadiaThe console that has promised to revolutionize the gaming, but smoked in smoke after a short time from its launch.

Now Google has decided to end support for other systems due to its property that creates furono per migliorare la sicurezza degli utenti sul web e non solo. Use Dropcam and Nest Secure, know that little time can’t blow it.

Why Google Dropcam

Google Dropcam is a line of home security cameras and video monitors, associated with Nest Labs, a subsidiary of Google. It was designed to be easy to install and use, consenting to the person who will monitor their own home or office remotely through a mobile app or website. In addition, the Google Dropcam product line is available in 2015, after the acquisition of Nest Labs by Google.

Notwithstanding this interruption in the production, the dropcam is still working and is being supported. Now Google has decided to definitely spegnerle.

Cos’è Nest Secure

Google’s Nest Secure is a home security system that comprises a control center, motion sensors, door sensors and more, and a taste for arming and disarming the system. The functional system through Wi-Fi You can control it through the Nest app on your smartphone. In case of alarm, the system will send a notification to the owner and, if necessary, all the authorities are competent. Nest Secure is able to integrate with other Nest Smart Home devices for a personalized security experience.

Google will end search support due to security system

Google will end support for Dropcam and the Nest Secure home security system for a year, l’April 8, 2024. Sono tra i pochi prodotti Nest rimasti che non sono stati portati su Google Home y la loro scomparsa lascia intendere che la nuova app Google Home potrebbe essere en arrivo.

Google is also running the latest Works legacy with the Nest connection, my first date of September 29.

The Dropcam camcorder exists They will continue to work until April 8, 2024, dopodiché non sarà più possibile accedervi dall’app Nest. To mitigate the colpo, Google offers a free Nest Cam cablata for internally Dropcam owners who subscribe to Nest Aware. I non abbonati riceveranno un buono sconto de 50%. The promotion is valid until May 7, 2024, who can continue to use your Dropcam until it doesn’t work.

Now that he has abandoned Dropcam and Nest Secure, I Nest Protect smart smoke lift sono gli unici dispositivi rimasti nell’app Nest e Google has promised to port the new Google Home app.

Il Nest Secure avuto avuto fin da subito a less promising route and the sua uscita di scena non lascia del tutto basiti. Released in 2017, it was canceled three years, suddenly when Google has investigated a sacco de soldi in ADT, a home security service that uses devices similar to those of Nest Secure. Like the Dropcam, so too Nest Secure continues to work until April 8, 2024.

Google has stopped using the Works With Nest program, which consents to third party devices Connect and interact with the Nest security camera and other Nest products to control all compatible devices and applications, in 2019 for Works With Google Assistant, but have lost their existing connection functions. All connections and integrations of Nest Secure, in addition to those with Alexa, with Google Assistant and all existing Nest integrations with 3P partners (IFTTT, Lutron, etc.) Non funzioneranno più dopo la endline dell’April 8, 2024.

Most of the integrations of Works with Nest are supposed to be substitutes for those of Google Assistant.