WindTre has announced a series of incredible quotes for the internet for the house and for your cell phone: promo at an incredible price

Al giorno d’oggi è it is impossible to live without the Internet, if it is a Wi-Fi connection at home, if we talk about connections from our personal smartphones.
This self-sows the period giusto for sottoscrivere a new offer of internet speed data l’annunciata distribuzione della fiber ottica in circa 80 italian community.

In the general marasma of telephone offers, call centers, physical and virtual managers, it is davvero difficult to offer the internet that we face in our case.
There is an anchor of dubbi, WindThree has announced a series of unmissable promos for avere internet a little price sia a casa che sul tuo smartphone.


The Italian operator born in 2016 after the merger between Wind and 3Italia is surely the best and best in the field of telefonia, if it is a mobile phone.
As of 2022, inoltre, the business is located on the ristretto fence of the telephone operators that permettono a 5G internet speed su tutto il italiano territory.

Internet at pazzesca speed at home with Netflix as a gift

Già da qualche anno non si è più obbligati ad avere un telefono fisso per sottoscrivere un contratto di internet a casa.
This has opened the road to numerous promos also from the companies that were not solicited by offering fissa telephone services, such as the stessa WindTre.

With the availability of the new 5G speed, the company offers its new promo Super Internet Home 5G.
The special offer will allow you to navigate at speed for a 300 meg unloading and 50 loading in some regions, but successively will be in all Italian territory.

Wind3 house offer

L’offer sara available from April 12 only in Piemonte, Sicily, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Tuscany; nei giorni successivi sarà però estesa anche alle altre regioni.
At the cost of the offer there is no compression a Wi-Fi modem and a 5G antenna that a specialized technician will install it directly at the migliore point of your apartment.

The cost of the offer is €25.99 for all and new clients, while I said €23.99 For that he has signed a contract with WindTre.
For those who love streaming, there is also a further offer at the cost of 36.99 that others have also offered one month of free streaming for netflix.

Internet at incredible speed even on your smartphone

Most of the people, however, use the internet on their own smartphone, just outside the house.
WindTre has thought of everything and has announced a rich promo for fare il full giga of internet on your own cell phone at a very low price.

The offer in question if chiama Wind Tre GO 200 Top+ ed è stata lanciata dall’azienda da pochissimi giorni.
We specify that this offer is returned only agli ex clients of WindTre I have not given the possibility of returning with the manager through a winback SMS.
The offer is valid only when sent to SMS.

Wind3 offer

The offer Wind Tre GO 200 Top+ Prevede ogni mese minuti unlimited, 200 SMS verso tutti i numeri e soprattutto 100 gigabytes of internet traffic mobile.
Cost of activation and SIM are totally free It is possible to activate the offer in business by entering a certain data reported in SMS.

The price of the offer is given €5.99 per month And we appreciate that there are no additional costs for the activation and for the new SIM.
In some almost specifics, the cost of the new SIM can be €10, but without additional costs.
We thank you that starting in 2024 and prices may increase by virtue of the rimodulazioni di contract.