9to5Mac has exclusive details on the manufacturers of MFi accessories, including the new CAD shown in the details on the iPhone 15 Pro.

iphone 15 pro

Scocca in Titanium

What che sows certain is che liPhone 15 Pro will present a significant upgrade, with the big più aesthetic change legato alla nuovissima scocca in titanium with a dai bordi più arrotondati design. It should be possible to sow a minor novelty, and roundabout borders will improve the ergonomics of the device when I have it on hand, considering also many useful ones if I am sorry about the current iPhone.

The photographic camera

Other than the new titanium fabric, Apple will still increase the dimensions of it by one volt camera Dell iPhone 15 Pro. Il bump della camera will be thicker, but the change will evidently arrive with the sporgenti lens. CAD file shows that the sporgenza di ogni single obiettivo è più che raddoppiata rispectto alle enormous dell’iPhone 14 Pro camera.

It is important to note that in the CAD file, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a small photocamera sporgenza; This potrebbe is dovuto in the presence of her periscope cameraoh, what if it says deliverrà quest’anno exclusively on the Pro Max model.

I miglioramenti della fotocamera di generazione in generazione sono ormai a thing certa e Apple si esta preparing per a aggiornamento davvero significant se ci basiamo già ora sulle dimensi degli obiettivi. It is rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro features a brand new sensor technology that “will catch the light and ridurrà the over exposure or under exposure in certain settings.”

iPhone 15 Full Range USB-C

The USB-C port Arrive at your all i modeli iPhone 15. Based on the imaginings of a prototype device, the USB-C port has a metallic lining with a textured fabric. However, the highest speed will be limited to Apple-certified USB-C ports and iPhone 15 Pro.

Pulsing volume and mute to solid state

Addio pulsanti e interruttore di deactivation dell’audio: l’iPhone 15 Pro will be equipped with pulsanti tattili e mute a stato solido. Secondo le ultime informazioni, i pulsanti saranno substituted with two new motors aptici dedicated exclusively to the emulation of the pressure of a pulsator.

Also, the mute switch will receive the tattile treatment and functions like a button that you will probably be able to enjoy with customizable functions, a little like the touch of your Apple Watch Ultra.

Cornici più piccole

Apple continues toidurre le cornici Furthermore, since his iPhone 15 Pro measured only 1.55 mm. However, if the front window that the rear presents a slight curvature of the edge, there will be no continuity solution in the titanium fabric of the device.

The new color of the iPhone 15 Pro

With more obvious aesthetic changes, the iPhone 15 Pro arrives in a new colorintense bear; The color code is at 410D0D. If the color you are looking for is Apple’s white, space black and gold, the color is Deep Purple.


Because of the corni più piccole e delle this dimensioni compresive delloschermo, the iPhone 15 Pro will be slightly più piccolo dell’iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro measures 70.46mm by 146.47mm with an 8.24mm display, while the iPhone 14 Pro is much larger at 71.45mm by 147.46mm with a 7.0 display. .84mm.


The iPhone 15 Pro is preparing to be a significant update with a new titanium fabric, USB-C and camera accessories. Obviously it is ready and null is confirmed fine when Apple does not take the device from the box; tuttavia, this immagini ci ofrono uno sguardo accurate his quello che possiamo aspettarci in autunno.

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