Bewilderment all around: The dubious Voice Mrs. Linde de Jong, also known as ‘Talpa-bitch’ since her arrogant performance in BOOS, just seems involved in the sequel to The Voice.

The talent scouts ©William Rutten

Linde de Jong is the controversy creative director from John de Mol who, according to Tim Hofman, was aware of several instances of offending conduct on The Voice of Holland. Her role in the Voice scandal is questionable, to say the least, and last week it was rumored that Talpa would fire her after a year.

‘Linde on the set’

It’s not clear exactly how that works, but in the past period it has at least contributed to The Voice’s successor, namely The Talent Scouts on SBS 6. At least, that’s what AD says. “It is notable that one of the viewers this site spoke to saw Linde de Jong working on The Talent Scouts.”

According to AD, on the set of The Talent Scouts, which will be released soon, it has been said that this show is simply ‘The Voice 2.0’. Including the same manager in command. Very questionable. “She would have known at an early stage of multiple reports of misconduct at The Voice,” the newspaper said.

Tim answers

Linde’s alleged appointment causes quite a stir. For example, Voice destroyer Tim Hofman says: “In our second episode on The Voice, it was shown that Linde himself had known about the complaints about Jeroen Rietbergen’s behavior for some time. This also seems to be reflected in the results of the investigation published by ITV”.

According to Tim, John and his Talpa keep sweeping things under the rug. “After the investigative report, we sent the same questions that we had in the second broadcast to the parties involved. We have not yet received a response to this.”

What does Sebastian say?

What does Sébas Diekstra, the lawyer of several victims of La Voz, say? He tweets to find it special that John comes up with such a voice copy. “What makes it really special is that The Voice creative director Linde de Jong also seems to be walking around here. Probably again as production manager.”

Sébas calls it ‘problematic’, also because Talpa indicates that The Talent Scouts candidates can report inappropriate behavior to ‘the program’s production management’. “No, that gives confidence. It reports (apparently) to the same production management as The Voice of Holland.”

He continues: “The confidential adviser with four (!) reports of misconduct couldn’t make a difference within The Voice either.”

GeenStijl goes crazy

The well-known opinion site GeenStijl is already going crazy over the successor to The Voice with the controversial Linde on board. “The Voice returns with a different name. Assaulting and hitting from now on in The Talent Scouts”, reads the implacable headline of the article. Moments later: “never change a winner raid festival.

According to the opinion site, the involvement of ‘that incredibly arrogant Truus’ Linde is strange. “Because of all those messy reports from the toilet duck factory, we still don’t know what his role was, and victim lawyer Sébas Diekstra also has some questions about it. But by all means dude, get Linde back to work and on the exact same show.”

Show news bashs Sebas

What does Shownieuws, John de Mol’s entertainment section, have to say about it? There they are -surprisingly- especially annoyed with Sébas, who regularly visits the media on behalf of his clients. For example, he has now announced that the British parent company of Voice’s production company, ITV, will accept his request to discuss the Voice issue.

Entertainment connoisseur Bart Ettekoven on last night’s broadcast: “Why do we know all this? Why does Sebas share this? Is it good for the victims that this is constant? You can also just go to London and keep that appointment. Why should it be shared with the rest of the Netherlands?

‘Too public’

Dyantha Brooks agrees. “He can just fly to London, period. It’s all very public.”

Patty Brard: “While she reproaches us that this publicity is so painful for us. I also think in this case: do not report it, go, come back and then give us the conclusion ”.

According to Natacha Harlequin, it is quite conceivable that the victims of Voice are happy with the fact that Sébas seeks media attention. “He can turn up the pressure that way and it can make people think.”

And about Linde de Jong? Not a word.