Glischermi OLED, allo stato attuale, guarantees impeccable image quality and apparently irreversible from any other technology. All this time, but, the price of the OLED TV is (as I notice) piuttosto alto. An alternative solution, which guarantees a decidedly higher quality/price ratio, is compatible with TVs with QLED technology.

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Apparecchi di questo generatere, eat the LG QNED81, enjoy the quantum dot technology per assicurare neri profondi e contrasti accentuati. In this way, images will not be realistic, guaranteeing a visual experience comparable to that of OLED TV. And thanks to the two discounts available on Amazon, the smart TV LG QNED81 gives 55 pollici Available at a higher price seen premium. A promo da non lasciarsi sfuggire a cuor leggero, insomma.

LG QENG81 55-inch Smart TV

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LG QNED81 technical diagram: features and functions

As said initially, the power point of the LG QENG TV is on the LED panel with quantum dot technology, che migliora il realismo delle immagini thanks to a contrast more high and colorful more vivid. But, obviously, I’m not the only one. The nanocell technology It offers a selection of very bright and refined colors thanks to a very wide chromatic gamma of the “normal” LED TV.

The LG QNED81 da 55 pollici sfrutta inoltre la potenza di calcolo del next-generation α7 GEN 5 processor, It uses algorithms of artificial intelligence for a visual experience without pari. The Process analyzes the flow of frames in real time, so as to optimize the setting of the TV based on what it is saving and will offer the best possible experience.

And se ciò non dovesse bastare, nessun timore. The South Korean producer’s smart TV offers various pre-set viewing modalities, which allow you to obtain the best performance based on what you are saving. The FILMMAKERS modalityAd esempio, è pensata per i cinefili: preserve i colori, impostazioni delle immagini e la fluidità dei fotogrammi originali para proportion un’autentica visione cinematografica.

The webOS operating platform, infinity, put at the disposition of advanced functions of the highest level. Not only will you have direct access to the entire range of multimedia content from all sources, but you can install all of the apps that will scroll through the streams at your disposal. and inoltre Alexa-compatible E gli altri maggiori assistant vocali: potrai così controllarne le funzionalità con semplici commandi vocali.

LG, the top smart TV at the minimum historical thanks to the double discount: offer and final price

A versatile smart TV, characterized by excellent video and audio quality and excellent value for money. In the latter case, the merit is also of the offer with two sconto available on Amazon. Hello fixed discount of 42% if you join a coupon of value greater than 25 euros che fa ascendere il prezzo al point più basso di semper. acquiring it oggi lo pay this little più di 660 euroswith a risparmio of almost 550 euros at the listed price.

LG QENG81 55-inch Smart TV

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