For Motorola it is a dense period. Give a part c’è l’orgoglio per i 50 anni dalla prima telefonata su rete mobile e per i 40 anni dal primo modello commerciale di cellulare. All the other news like the ThinkPhone, the (probable) future new Razr and the premium line with Edge 40 professionals che abbiamo provato e che nelle prossime settimane sarà affiancato da altri dispositivi della famiglia. In Italy, Motorola does not fly as quote di mercato but is following a solid route, without strappi, with smartphones that are not rispettive fasce di prezzo si difendono bene, pur senza offrire stravolgenti novità. Edge 40 Pro is perfectly inserted into this strategy: it is a smartphone with a premium face, with rich hardware, good quality and a price that is a little aggressive so that it is directly matched.

Com’è fatto: design

Edge 40 Pro does not carry amazing aesthetic solutions and Motorola very sharp tip curved edge (the line is not a case if chiama Edge, bordo): an idea that personally I am not enthusiastic about (meglio, molto meglio glischermi piatti) I give up the phone very piacevole da tenere in hand. It sows più leggero dei suoi 197 grammi and più compatto di a modello conschermo da 6.67 pollici. Also merits the beautiful finish in its retro, a slick, opaque glass that does not treat the imprint and renders the phone slightly slippery, similar to a ciottolo solcato da lievi segni. Certified waterproof IP68a classic discriminating against and veri premium smartphone and that che millantano di esserlo.

software and hardware

The new Moto Edge 40 Pro doesn’t run on flawless hardware. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor does show a warranty, see its other premium models see S23 Ultra (the review) or xiaomi 13 Pro (the review). Qui per altro è contributes to high-speed memory (12 GB of Ram of type LPDDR5X and 256 GB of UFS 4.0 archiving. During intensive use, eat (very) prolonged gaming, if you can perceive a slight risk, but normally the phone rhymanian cool.
Of the latest Motorola smartphones, we particularly appreciate the software. The American house (Oggi proprietà di Lenovo) proposes a user-friendly interface to that stock Say Android, with poche e mirate added, which aids the usability of the device. A difference between products come from Samsung or Xiaomi, here no ci sono duplicate application rispetto a quelle Android (the photo gallery is Google Photo, ad esempio) né i cosidetti bloatware, on the inside of the pre-installed software to occupy the space and upload the system without offering a significant value to all’utente. The aesthetic personalization and functions, between wallpaper, blackboard and lockscreen, are numerous and very large. All is fluidissimo and Motorola guarantees support to three later versions of Android (if it starts from 13, if it reaches 16 dunque) and 4 years of safety trims. Samsung fa meglio (4+5 anni) ma comunque non è male.
Poi c’e la piattaforma Ready for, that allows you to enjoy the power of your smartphone to the fullest to play with your little ones, use the camera as a webcam or connect the device to a PC without any problems. The strong pezzo of Edge 40 Pro is però l’autonomia.

Batteria e ricarica: nessuno fa meglio

The battery gives 4600mAh Non-sow, sulla carta, can guarantee a record autonomy. Ma used in the concrete has surprised me: it offers a full day of use, without limitations. The interesting thing is that Edge 40 Pro supports the ultra-fast ripping to 125W: in Less than 25 minutes if you pick up the phone completely, from 0 to 100%. One minute manciata is enough to make it usable by lunge ore. But the most interesting thing is that cartoonist, even on the socket (another point in favor), has not come from so many movie producers (Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme) un’uscita Usb Type-A sull’alimentatore. È un Type C – Type C y esta permette di sfruttare alimentatore e cavo anche per a tablet o per un pc. Not only: the fast pick-up is not proprietary and this Motorola can charge quickly even from an other power supply, that of a computer for example, because it does not contain one with high wattage (from 60 W in its). Tutte ottime sews, a cui si affiancano also a ricarica wireless 15w The reverse drain gives 5 W, useful for draining cups or other compatible devices.
Nessun another smartphone in the market has a complete and functional battery pack and long speed/compatibility with the great variety: Brava Motorola.

Photographic camera

If we want to find a side, we must keep this Moto bisogna in direction Photographic camera. Benintenso: it does not have a scadente camera, all the others, but it does not arrive at the livelli other premium smartphones, for assortment of the sensors and qualitative results. The main photo camera is 50 megapixels, with the possibility of using pixel binning for 12-megapixel images. In the presence of a good girl, it shines if I don’t have risultati piacevoli, flying with the AI ​​functions to migliorare the images. the sensor ultra wide It also works as a photo camera macro and gli scatti ravvicinati sono di solito ben riusciti. The ultrawide chromatic gamma is not very different from the fault of the main sensor, which guarantees that all photos will be consistent.

II 2x remote observer (Ottico) is a little less spinto dei concurrenti, which arrived at 3x or 5x and fine at 10x ottici di S23 Ultra. I rotated sono efficaci e possono essere scattati simulating a 50 mm or 85 mm, oppure un 35 mm con il sensore principale. Abbiamo watched TV andare a po’ in difficoltà sull’HDRsoprattutto with zone strongly illuminate che tendono a diventare sovraesposte e addirittura bruciate (find an example negli scatti qui sopra).
In dim lighting conditions, Edge 40 Pro can produce a little bit of coupe and impastate, with rumors in excess. Its price range is similar to the S23+ and the Google Pixel 7 Pro is better. The front camera is 60 megapixels, but it is not very useful for not taking a selfie, it is difficult to use and has a great dispersion effect. The video, but with a very good overall quality (8K/30fps and 4K/60fps, with the possibility of ripping in HDR10+ but only up to 4K/30fps), we appreciated the interesting block functions of the horizon: use the high resolution of the sensor to keep the video orizzontal (or vertical, it depends on whether it starts), regardless of the rotation of the camcorder, it will continue to rotate the phone 360 ​​degrees. A sort of super-stabilizzazione, mai vista finara, useful for i video d’azione.

In conclusion

Moto Edge 40 Pro is not new to the manufacturer, but with a low price and a thousand euros (999 euros from the listChe diventano 939 in promotion) is one of the most economical, if not the most economical, premium Android with the top Qualcomm processor on board, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.
Il pezzo forte è l’autonomia combined with the ultra-fast rich, but I am not dimenticare also l’interfaccia polished, beautiful, reactive and with any girl come Ready For. I saw myself serve a phone camera Much lender forse non è il telefono che va per voi ma per tutto il resto è da tenere en considerazione nella fascia altissima, soprattutto se dovesse ascendere sotto i 900 euros.

design and materials




hardware and performance


battery and rich


Photographic camera


Quality/price ratio


Il directo avversario, by processor, dimensions and ambitions is the Samsung Galaxy S23+ (qui la nuestra recensione), che di listino costa decimentemente di più (and with memory tags più scarsi) ma che oggi è già placed in offer and sells quindi più interesting.

Another high-screen smartphone considers the Google Pixel 7 Pro: the Android experience can be seen and the camera. Essendo por sul mercato già a po’il pricing attuale è decidedly aggressive.

A third alternative? Xiaomi 13, presented at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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