The Jumbo supermarket group is not exactly lucky. The latest hiccup: The contractor building a new fresh produce distribution center for Jumbo in Nieuwegein has requested a deferral of payment. Jumbo swears the consequences are manageable.

Due to financial problems, the work of the company in question, ASK Romein International BV from Roosendaal, will be stopped next Tuesday. This also applies to the Jumbo location in Nieuwegein. “We want to avoid riots at the gates of our construction projects,” says Jan Kleijn, director of ASK Romein. “We will be busy in the next few days determining how to proceed. That is why we have chosen to close construction for a while. We hope to provide more information soon, perhaps as soon as Tuesday.”

Jumbo says in an email response that the contractor’s financial problems have no direct consequences. “It is a new distribution center, so this will not affect delivery from our stores,” he read in the statement. According to the supermarket group, the construction of the new automated distribution center for fresh products is in its final phase. “Last Friday work was still going on as usual and we will of course discuss the continuation after the Easter weekend.”

not bankrupt

ASK Romein is a large company that specializes in steel construction and bridge construction, among other things. According to director Kleijn, the company has been in trouble due to considerable losses on previous projects and non-payment of payments from other parties. That is why a deferral of payment was requested, which was also granted on Friday. “To be clear, we are not bankrupt. We have taken a financial standstill to determine what steps need to be taken now.”

According to Kleijn, “dozens of projects” are not affected by the shutdown. The requested stop payment only applies to ASK Romein International, he says, not the underlying BVs. The ASK Romein website is currently unavailable.

Jumbo is working on the extensive automation of its distribution center in Nieuwegein.
Jumbo is working on the extensive automation of its distribution center in Nieuwegein. © Koen Laurey

no strangers

The Roosendaal Construction Company and Jumbo are no strangers to each other. ASK Romein previously built a hub for online grocery delivery in Bleiswijk. The company also signed the Jumbo distribution center for non-perishable goods in Nieuwegein, which opened last summer.

ASK Romein is now working with the automation company Witron on the construction of a ‘mechanized’ distribution center for fresh produce, also in Nieuwegein. According to previous reports, that ‘CDC Vers’ should be around 40,000 square meters in size and should be ready in early 2024. Supermarkets will soon be able to receive products such as dairy, cheese, meat products, tapas, salads and cold drinks from the new center. of distribution.

Jumbo is not going through the best moment of its existence. The Veghel family business experienced a publicity disaster in 2022. For example, CEO Frits van Eerd was arrested in a money laundering case. It also recently emerged that the supermarket group, which for years was the main challenger for number one Albert Heijn, had to give up part of its market share. Jumbo is also considering stopping allocating large amounts of sponsorship to skating, cycling and Formula 1.

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