It usually happens somewhere in the middle of summer, when you’re on your knees in the garden weeding, your gaze suddenly falls on something that looks a lot like an egg. Reaching into the bushes it turns out to be an egg, still vaguely colored in faded colours. This is the last Easter egg you searched for last Easter. Now you laugh about it, and the egg disappears with the weeds in the compost heap.

It’s been 5 years since we celebrated our first Easter in Denmark, I don’t even remember if we hid eggs in the garden that first Easter here. I think we were busier then unpacking moving boxes and milking robot alarms. Now that I think about that first period in Denmark, I’ve missed quite a few parts of the film, so it was literally survival, that first period after emigration.

You know, you’re going for something, that’s why you also give yourself 100% and more than that. Giving up is not an option, continuing is. And as it used to be with most of us, complaining was not an option, what you started, you had to finish! And we went for that emigration. New cows, new milking system, which didn’t work by a meter. That is where the first kink in the cable occurred. Broken nights, and not a little too! The first year the phone rang continuously because on a normal day there were at least 10 alarms, and 1, 2 or worst case all 3 milking robots would stop. Everyone who has children knows that when their child sleeps through the night for the first time, he wakes up the next morning with fear and first sees what’s wrong with his little one. That feeling also happened to us sporadically, only to run to the barn full of adrenaline to see what could be wrong! And find out we could sleep through the night.

Since we live in Denmark, the Danish language is definitely very important. In a few months I also started the language school. I really enjoyed it, and I also made a lot of progress with my Danish in the 3 half days a week that I attended the school. And at 4 o’clock I got home and then I jumped right into the barn. And there, during those car rides to language school, things almost go wrong for me from time to time. I could barely keep my eyes open, when I was at school I would revive, I would participate in class with enthusiasm. And more and more it happened to me that when I got home I first had to lie down for half an hour because I couldn’t take it anymore, sometimes my legs literally collapsed from exhaustion.

But shut the fuck up, don’t complain, I wanted this myself, so keep going, and you better not sit down because I would fall asleep. And then it went wrong, I got sick. I had a strep infection and there was really nothing I could do at the time. I went to the doctor, and he also advised me to seek help from a psychologist, because he saw that I wasn’t doing well mentally either. And I was embarrassed, not because I got sick, but because I couldn’t go on like this, I literally couldn’t handle the job anymore. So I mainly kept my mouth shut about that, because what will the lie say! Oh my gosh, that sounds familiar too, what people will say! But I sought help. Agricultural coaching, where I had online consultations. And then I found out that in addition to the fact that I took a lot and a lot of hay on my fork, even in the literal sense. In fact, I got lost in those 2 years that we lived in Denmark.

Then I dropped out of language school. And it started in a gym, and he was looking for a hobby again. So I changed the garden and started baking cakes again. 3 years ago, just before Easter, I gave my first Easter cake workshop. And that year surely there were also eggs hidden in the garden. I still didn’t talk about not being able to go on like this, because that felt and still feels like failure. I’d better write about it. And given the growing number of coaches, psychologists, and self-help training programs, I—and neither are you—certainly aren’t alone.

Today we celebrate Easter without stress with friends. Not at the Easter fire, because they don’t have that tradition here at Easter, but in June, around the longest day of the year, during the celebration of Sankt Hans. But with a Påskefrokost / Easter brunch and eggs. I no longer hide eggs, the children have also passed that age in those 5 years. So next summer I won’t find an egg in the bushes!

God Påske / Happy Easter,