Siamo ormai tutti bene o male in owno di un smartphone reciente o menos e, sappiamo che questi dispositivi permettono di fare un po’ di tutto (calcolatrice, blocco note, livella, torcia, etc.) oltre alle classiche telephonate. Talking with several people, I was told that some of us do not know the function or app that potrebbero is often very useful and I have decided to compile a brief list of particular uses that are daily used and that many ignore. If you have another idea, lasciate il vostro commento.

Scan and documents

Capita spesso di avere bisogno di send a copy of a document by mail, Whatsapp or all other messaging app. Once you have several photos, your iPhone will be able to use the Note app to scan documents and add it firmly. Just press the app Note, select a note or create a new one, touch the Fotocamera button to view the scan of a document, quindi “Scansiona documenti”, place the document with the fotocamera. If the device is in automatic mode, the document will be scanned automatically. If you manually acquire a scan, touch the Otturator button to open one of the largest volumes. It is possible to go beyond the Angoli to adjust the scan in such a way that if you adapt to the page, you can touch Save the scan. Once saved, we can send it by mail or by Whatsapp or another application with the sharing button.

document scanning

Sing a document

Also sign a document is easy: press Note And you can touch the document in the note created as indicated in the procedure at the previous point. Touch the button Condividi (the square piccolo with the frequency at the center on the upper side), the “Modify” button, the “Add” (+) and “Signature” button. We can add a firm or create a new one. We can adjust the size of the signature case and position it where we look on the document. Just touch “Good”. It is possible to sign the document with a ditto and your iPad and Apple Pencil.

Otto cose che forse non sapevate di poter fare con il vostro iPhone

Avviare l’car, aprire casa or a stay in hotel

No si la fare con tutte le auto ma alcuni produttori (es. BMW) consentono di aggiungere la chiave dell’auto all’app Wallet y usa iPhone o Apple Watch per blockcare, sbloccare y mettere in moto l’auto. Il modo in cui si usa la chiave e le funzioni disponibili dependono del modello della vettura. Almost every time if you add the auto key to the Wallet app, the fast mode is activated automatically: consent to use the auto key without unlocking the device or without authenticating with Face ID, Touch ID or a codex. With some car it is also possible to avvicinarsi the device for blockcare/sbloccare the vettura, put it on the motorcycle, blockcarla when we are allontaniamo from the car.

With some smart locks compatible with HomeKit, it is possible to unlock the door with a virtual key that it is possible to add to the Wallet app (just position iPhone or Apple Watch on the lock to unlock it and it is possible to use the Home app to share the access with another person). Alcuni Hotel uses a similar system that allows you to add your own verse key to the dell’albergo application’s Wallet, enable the rate for check-in from reception and use your iPhone or Apple Watch to access your own verse.

Otto cose che forse non sapevate di poter fare con il vostro iPhone

L’iPhone come remote control

You can use iPhone Remote Control with a variety of compatible TVs and devices, including Fire TV and Apple TV. It is necessary for the television and the control device if it does not collaborate with the WiFI connection. With the Apple TV Remote in Control Center, you can control an AirPlay-enabled Apple TV or smart TV using an iPhone or iPad: just press Control Center, tap the Apple TV Remote, tap Apple TV or smart TV to select it in the cast. Al primo collaguemento bisogna I will follow the istruzioni visualizzate sulloschermo to insert a codex to quattro cipher on the iPhone or iPad. With an Apple TV (3rd generation) it is enough to use the remote control Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote to insert the code to quattro encrypt sull’Apple TV.

Otto cose che forse non sapevate di poter fare con il vostro iPhone

Distance and lung measurement

The iPhone integrates the Metro application series; This consent to measure the dimensions of real oggetti. Sugli iPhone Pro most recent is the integration of a LiDAR scanner that allows to measure the dimensions of the eggs, automatically take the ring of the eggs retangolari and save a photo of the measurements as reference. To carry out a single measurement, just press the Metro app and follow the instructions below: it is possible to move the device into three dimensions (the device will have a response of references for the objects of measurement and the surface its cui si trova). Simply move the device in the far mode to match the point with the starting point of the measurement, touch the Aggiungi button, then slowly move the device in the far mode to match the point with the end point of the measurement, then touch the Aggiungi button again. Once the measurement is done, it is possible to adjust the starting and ending point. It is possible to premute one of the points and transfer it in the desired position. The measurement changes with the placement of the point. Once the first measurement has been carried out, it is possible to put the device in the mode of carrying the point in another position on the oggetto or neighbor to do so and carry out a second measurement. È anche present un funzione per misurare i rettangoli; If the device guides the oggetto that we are measuring is square or rectangular, it will automatically position a measurement box around all of the oggetto. By touching the button Più it is possible to visualize the measurements of the lung and length. By positioning the device slightly, you will see the calcolata also in the area of ​​the oggetto. Touching the measurement of the visualized area, it is possible to see the diagonal lunge and the area in pollici quadrati or metri quadrati.

Chiedere di scattare a photo to our post

Vi è mai capitato di avere bisogno di qualcuno che vi scattasse a foto? If there are no signs that I saw, you can easily use the Lens Buddy app. The app allows you to save a series of photos with selected images of the icon of the otturator; è possibile impostare quanti secondi far passare tra one scatto e l’altro, quanti scatti effettuare, la modalità di scatto, e altre impostazioni.

Otto cose che forse non sapevate di poter fare con il vostro iPhone

Carte di credito e carte transporti nel Monedero

It is possible to add one or more credit/debit cards in Wallet and pay with iPhone/Apple Watch using Apple Pay, a simpler and more secure payment system, up to and including the physical card. Archiving the letter in the Wallet is possible to effect secure payments in businesses, their mezzi pubblici, in the app and their web site that supports Apple Pay. Il Wallet consents to this and the other; In some Nazioni it is possible to integrate the tessere for i mezzi pubblici, allowing in this mode of using the iPhone to pay for the biglietto.

Otto cose che forse non sapevate di poter fare con il vostro iPhone

I will monitor heart beat

If you don’t wear an Apple Watch, you can monitor your heart beat with a variety of apps directly from iPhone without any accessory. This app (es. questa) uses technique of elaboration of images to individualize micro variations of color taken from the position of the rear photocamera, strapolating the heart rate. Just position the finger (always press) and close to keep the finger as close as possible during measurement. This app does not have the exact precision of the Apple Watch or devices dedicated to it in some circumstance that it is possible to use.

Otto cose che forse non sapevate di poter fare con il vostro iPhone

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