FC Groningen lost 2-1 against FC Utrecht on Friday and the chances of relegation to the first division increase. We entered the city and asked the people of Groningen: What is the probability that the tide will turn?

‘Zero percent’

Name: Meindert de Jong (70)
Outside: Hoogezand

,,It’s over. I fear. FC Groningen will be relegated. I give them a zero percent chance to turn the tide. Comparing the club to a recovering boxer, as Van der Ree did, makes no sense. Well, it’s not that bad, the earthquake damage and benefits issue, that’s bad.

I had a season ticket for FC for a while, but not anymore. I’m just getting mad. The atmosphere in the stadium is not good, I thought: it doesn’t matter.

The flow is gone. That is also seen at Ajax. Instead of ‘we have nothing to lose and we’re going for it’, self-confidence disappears. That is also the case in business. People have to believe in it. And FC Groningen is of course a company, that’s how you have to look at it, and in football competition the following applies: whoever has the most money has the best players.

I think the arrogant behavior at the club is a factor. Fledderus, as technical director, determined how and what should be done, but he should have consulted the players. Coach Danny Buijs shouldn’t have left. Dennis van der Ree had to take it back, but it was a difficult job for him and you don’t know if he knows the team of players well enough to motivate them.

And a coach has to have the confidence, just like in a company, people have to go through fire for you. But maybe they should hire me haha. The best helmsmen are on land.”

‘eighty percent’

Name: Dennis Dijk (26)
Outside: groningen

I mainly follow FC live on TV, but I’m a real fan. Right now it’s not going well, but I don’t expect them to go down. There are still a few games left and I estimate the chance of them coming back with a bang at eighty percent.

Degrade! It would not be good for a healthy club like FC Groningen. You would rather expect that at smaller clubs like Emmen and Cambuur.

I saw that game against Utrecht and I thought: the motivation is there. The will is there. Why it keeps failing, you don’t know. The other clubs can be better at the moment. I think a new manager like Dick Lukkien will soon be able to do it again. He also does a good job in Emmen.”

less than ten percent

Name: kay vonk (29)
Outside: groningen

,,I fear the worst. I think the chance of FC Groningen not being relegated is small. Less than ten percent. But I prefer to say that they have a one hundred percent chance of coming back. Just not this season, I think.

Of course I’m not an expert. But if you look at the FC game, you see: everything is wrong now. It doesn’t go a meter. That is a great shame for such a beautiful club, it should be in the top ten in the country, it should be on the left row.

I was in one game this season, against Excelsior, and they won. You almost start to wonder if I shouldn’t have been there against Utrecht haha. But we remain hopeful. Let’s keep hoping!”

‘Five percent’

Name: Harry van Dyke (61)
Outside: scheemda

,,I have only seen the game against Utrecht on TV clips. When it was 1-1, I still had hope. But yes, then that second goal fell for Utrecht. I estimate that the probability that FC Groningen will not be relegated is five percent. They won’t make it, I think. They have had so many opportunities.

They already gave away the first game against Volendam, I was still thinking, well the club has to grow.

Players have been bought by the millions, it has not helped. Fledderus should have left long before, under his leadership many good players were bought and Danny Buijs could still have been there. I don’t know if they would have done it then, you never know. Now to recover, what coach Van der Ree thinks, I don’t think so, not with Van der Ree.

There is still a chance. There are still games ahead. If Emmen lose everything and FC win everything, relegation will be avoided.

Bad degradation? Oh that’s bad. It is a pity. for the club Para Groningen. But then we’ll just check out Friday night for a while.”