It’s been noticed for a while that Chantal Janzen attracts too few viewers for an A star. Her Beat the Champions show doesn’t score properly either, even now that Linda de Mol is off the tube again.

Chantal Janzen © R.T.L.

If it’s Chantal Janzen who has to follow in Linda de Mol’s footsteps as TV queen of the Netherlands, she still has a long way to go. The imprint that the presenter leaves in the Hilversum Media Park is not that impressive. His shows actually disappoint everyone.

Chantal is disappointing

The weekly magazine Privé recently listed all of Chantal’s flops, and the length of that list is telling: Chantal’s shows don’t leave a lasting impression. And now her Beat the Champions game show is in dire straits, too. For weeks there has been a lot of talk about this: is the viewer fed up with the format or is the competition with Miljoenenjacht too tough?

The latter does not seem to be the case. A week after the season finale with Linda de Mol, Chantal still scores low: only 532 thousand people (10 percent market share) watched the Beat the Champions broadcast on RTL 4 yesterday. (2 million and 39 percent cent) instead.

too many episodes

Angela de Jong criticized last week that RTL 4 broadcasts the same programs too often, that they also do too many episodes and that they also last too long.

Observation figure connoisseur Tina Nijkamp writes today that she fears Beat the Champions. “The format seems to have worked. Oh darling. Too many episodes? Is it repeated too many times? Next week there’s really hardly any competition (now still Farmer Wants Woman), maybe I’ll score better then? But it’s clear that Beat The Champions seems to be about to take a break.”

yvon in one

So Yvon Jaspers was the big viewership winner yesterday, but Tina has a comment on that. “In 2013, more than 3.1 million people watched the launch of the international version and in 2016, the presentation round was watched by almost 3.1 million people. So yesterday more than 1 million less”.

Yvon is criticized for being very mean to a lonely farmer. Angela agrees: “The way Yvon forced him to reveal that he was a virgin was just weird. So the insensitive question ‘how old are you?’ outside, as if that man had committed some crime.

Display of figures

The audience figures for Sunday, April 9, 2023 (SKO):

top 15

Market shares (18-24h, 6+)

01. Farmer wants a woman (NPO1) 2,039,000 01. NPO1 / 30.2%
02. Daily 20:00 (NPO1) 1,967,000 02.RTL4 / 12.2%
03. Studio Sport Eredivisie (NPO1) 1,177,000 03. SBS6 / 11.1%
04. Real life at the zoo (NPO1) 1,061,000 04. ESPN / 7.2%
05. Study football (NPO1) 774,000 05.NPO2 / 6.0%
06. Along the New Silk Road (NPO2) 691,000 06. NPO3 / 4.4%
07. Heart of the Netherlands (SBS6) 618,000 07. Veron / 4.0%
08. Feyenoord – RKC (ESPN) 606,000 08.NET5 / 3.0%
09. Who of Three (SBS6) 605,000 09.RTL7 / 3.0%
10. News at half past seven (RTL4) 578,000 10. RTL5 / 2.9%
11. Study sport (NPO1) 566,000 11 ESPN2 / 1.9%
12. Beat the Champions (RTL4) 532,000 12. BBC / 1.2%
13. Humberto on Sunday (RTL4) 526,000 13. Paramount / 1.1%
14. vtwonen (SBS6) 473,000 14.RTL8 / 1.1%
15. Show News (SBS6) 466,000 15. Comedy / 0.7%

Market shares by group of channels (18-24h, 6+)

More audience figures at:

01. Public Broadcasting 40.6%
02. RTL Netherlands 20.1%
03. Talpa TV 18.5%

Shows that did not make the top 15 include WNL op Zondag (377k), Buitenhof (368k), Wire steel (351k), RTL Boulevard (350k) and Metropolis (301k).