PSV also made the most of the home game against Excelsior. Thanks to a quick goal from Luuk de Jong, Ruud van Nistelrooij’s team immediately took the lead and were unable to advance for a long time afterwards. Thanks to goals from Xavi Simons, Fabio Silva and Érick Gutiérrez, the result in the final phase was still much better than the 1-0 that had been on the board for a long time: 4-0.

It was good for PSV that AZ also lost to Sparta at home, so the scenario for a fourth-place Eredivisie is increasingly fading into the background. Not that the Eindhoven team played very well, because PSV barely had any chances after the quick goal and Excelsior could barely secure an hour on the hour, as expected from the ranking position. The Rotterdam team even had a chance to score, but Kenzo Goudmijn fired well into Walter Benítez’s goal.

One of the most mediocre home games.

PSV played for a long time one of the most mediocre home games of the season, but that changed in the finals and Excelsior broke down after 2-0 like a fish stick that has been in a rotating microwave for half an hour.

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This season, the Eindhoven team only lost to AZ at Philips Stadium and PSV drew against Sparta, but Excelsior went home with nothing. After an hour of game time, PSV had more chances to improve the score. Xavi Simons missed the chance to make it 2-0, close to Stijn van Gassel’s goal. Before that, Joey Veerman also had a chance to lead PSV to safety earlier.

In the end, Simons, Silva and ‘Guti’ scored after all. Where Excelsior got dangerous before the break, that barely happened in the second half. Marinus Dijkhuizen’s team hoped to score another point for a chance moment, but that moment never came. PSV was content with the points, because they took advantage of AZ’s loss of points and now the pressure is back on Ajax.

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