What can Timmermans Van der Plas offer on Tuesday?

access pointCaroline van der Plas (BBB) Yuri Vugs news publisher Yuri Vugs news publisher Next Tuesday, Caroline van der Plas of BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​will discuss nitrogen policy and alternative plans with European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, now that a deadlock has […]


we must continue, there is work to be done

access pointMinister Christianne van der Wal speaks to the press News US•today, 16:23 The day after a tough debate over the cabinet’s nitrogen policy, Rutte IV members went to work with optimistic optimism. “There is work to be done. We […]


‘The cabinet has a lot on its plate’

access pointRutte before consultation News US•today, 19:10 At the Ministry of General Affairs in The Hague, the top cabinet has started consultations on the results of the March 15 Provincial Council elections. No big breakthroughs are expected tonight; all involved […]