with videoOg3ne’s singing sisters saw a dream come true on this week’s NPO 3 show beach guests. Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol, along with Nick & Simon, sang a classic by the duo Volendam, which seems to have played an important part in their lives.

Leon van Wijk

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04-07-23, 15:11

In it Dear singers-as beach guests Nick Schilder, Simon Keizer and Kees Tol welcome the artists on the beach in Zandvoort. They strike up a conversation and play their favorite songs together. In the last episode, Og3ne was a guest on Wednesday, which was not for a number of a big foreign star. The trio preferred to sing a song by the hosts themselves.

“We really sang his music so often, we played it in the car, with mom, at school,” Amy referred to precious moments with her mother Isolde, who died of cancer in 2017 at the age of 48. “We have always sung everything. We destroyed those albums of yours.” And: “It was one of the first things we started singing in polyphony,” Lisa added.

With their talent, they probably would have ended up in music at some point, but according to Shelley, it’s safe to say that without Nick & Simon there would have been no Og3ne. “I think it’s so special that our music is a memory for so many people,” Simon said. “Sometimes you read that, sometimes you hear that. But when you get to hear a story like that one on one face to face… I like that. He was also that kid who used to sing with Bonnie St. Claire.”

Nick Painter, Amy, Shelley and Lisa Vol and Simon Keizer.
Nick Painter, Amy, Shelley and Lisa Vol and Simon Keizer. © ONL

Lost opportunity

The sisters couldn’t wait to get together. Look for to sing, whose recording has been on Youtube since Thursday afternoon. It was a special experience, according to the trio. “We’ve seen and talked to them a lot, but there was never a time where we could really sing together,” Shelley explained.

Keizer thought the honor was entirely mutual, as did Schilder. “This is a good version,” he said afterwards. “I’m sorry we didn’t record it with these backing vocals in 2007, because we sang those backing vocals ourselves.”

The praise for their work comes at a special time for Nick & Simon, who will play a series of farewell concerts this week and next before calling it quits as a duo. They will continue to do shows together, but it’s unclear if beach guests returns. The latest episode drew 251,000 viewers on Wednesday.

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