It is sometimes said that bad cars are no longer made today. And that is quite correct, but that does not mean that there are no cars with bad characteristics. For example, we often find ourselves suspiciously with infotainment systems that run a little too slow or where important functions are hidden in menus.

Below are some irritating things that have stuck with us about cars over the years. It’s like complaining about the weather: if it’s the worst in your life, then you have a pretty carefree existence. Also, the car manual used to say how to fix rust, so it’s not that bad.

Airways U6 Coupé: The location of the parking button

As a nice design element, the Airways U6 Coupé does not have a rotary knob or lever to put the car in ‘drive’, but rather a kind of airplane lever. It looks nice, but the parking button is in an inconvenient place. Tall people will knee press the P button while driving, which will cause the car to enter N mode while driving. At that point all power is lost, and that’s a bit of a shock the first time around. After that it is especially annoying.

Abarth 595: Sabelt seats

These seats are not only terrible (especially for taller people), but also do not fit in the car by one meter. It’s so bad you have to open the door to get to the back dial.

Volkswagen Up: one window button per side

The modestly equipped Volkswagen Up does have power windows, but on some versions there’s only one button per side. This means that as a driver you cannot operate the passenger window. Inconvenient if you want to roll down the window to remove condensation, for example. It was no different with garlands in the past.

Porsche Macan: stubborn heating

Interior renovation of the Porsche Macan GTS

When we had the Macan GTS with us for a week for a test, we noticed that the temperature was always at 21 degrees when starting up. Hitting the dial is a small effort, but still. By the way, we suspect that this is not the case with all models, but a small error with the personal account that you can link in the car.

BMW iX: Music stays on when you open the doors

BMW iX diagonally forward

It used to be simple. When you took the key out of the ignition, everything went dead. That way, you could get out there without telling the world how bad your taste in music really was. In some modern cars, all systems stay on when you park the car and turn off the ignition. The same goes for the BMW iX. For example, you have to manually lower the volume every time you park.

Mazda MX-5 NC: The sun visor hits the interior mirror

If you lower the sun visor on certain NC generation Mazda MX-5s, it touches the interior mirror and shifts your view to the rear. We have experienced this personally and have met more fellow sufferers on the internet. Maybe start a support group. It must be said that it is a somewhat older copy of which the window has already been replaced, and that not everyone is affected. Apparently, replacing the rear view mirror is heard very closely.

Hyundai and Kia: The Next Song Button

The current generation of Hyundai and Kia cars still have a lot of physical buttons inside. Fantastic. Only the design on the steering wheel is a bit crazy. You turn up the music volume by moving the volume button up. So in our eyes it would make sense if you could select the next song by moving the other button up. This is backwards: press down for the next song. Strange.

Mercedes EQ Series: Vent Whistle

Summary of the interior of the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4Matic

You know that irritating sound when people have a wheezing sound when they breathe but don’t notice it themselves? Exactly that tone can sometimes be heard with the interior ventilation of the Mercedes EQ models. We especially notice this with hyperscreen cars. Even if the ventilation was on the lowest setting. It is easily fixed by putting the airflow on the windshield or on the feet, by the way.

Jeep Wrangler: Roof Blind Spot Warning

Jeep Wrangler 4xE Rubicon and grass

The latest Jeep Wrangler has a speaker in the roof. The first time the blind spot warning sounds, you are shocked. It is quite loud and the speaker is terribly close to the ears. Fortunately, the car feels more at home along the paved road, where there is no one in your blind spot anyway.

Volvo (X)C40: a pedal the mode is buried in the menus

Volvo C40 Twin Engine Recharge

In most electric cars, you can control the degree of regeneration (and therefore the braking action when you release the right pedal) with paddles behind the steering wheel or via a button on the center console. Not so with Volvo – you have to go into the infotainment system there to activate a ‘switch’ in a menu with a few taps and swipes. Worse still, you can’t see on your meter screen if the a pedal the mode is active or not. The first time we went out in our test XC40, we nearly gave the car a heart attack from behind in the parking lot.