• Successor 500X
  • coming this year
  • Share technology with Jeep Avenger and Peugeot e-2008

It seems something typical Italian to extend the life of a model to the maximum. You can call that charming, but it’s not always commercially convenient. With the Fiat 500 and 500X, the damage isn’t so bad, because the mischievous looks of both retro rascals prove enduring. However, these models don’t last forever either. Even before the merger of Fiat’s parent company, FCA, and PSA to form Stellantis, Fiat itself came up with a new version of the little 500. That electric 500e was introduced in 2020 and has done very well in Europe ever since, as well it’s going well . For the 500X, the successor is much easier for Fiat. Because PSA already has a whole series of compact crossovers at home, which can serve as the basis for a similar model from Fiat. Jeep previously reaped the benefits of this technology with the Avenger and was the first to receive the updated version of the e-CMP platform. That base STLA Small will also be found under the new Fiat. The car, which will likely be called the Fiat 600, will almost certainly be an EV. Versions with petrol and hybrid engines will likely follow as well, although Fiat opted to introduce that more traditional technology to the older model in addition to the new 500e with the 500. So the only real certainty about the Fiat 600 seems to be the electric version. , which will closely resemble the aforementioned Jeep Avenger and compact electric models from Peugeot, Opel and DS. So it has a gross 54 kWh battery, a range of about 400 kilometers and a fast charging capacity of up to 100 kW. Most likely, the electric motor will deliver 156 hp to the front wheels. Good values ​​for this segment, where there are already few options outside of Stellantis. Therefore, it is not surprising that the French-Italian-American group wants to exploit this advantage as much as possible.

Fiat 600 (Illustration by Larson)

Fiat 600 (Illustration by Larson)

500 design

Although we know the technology from the old PSA, the 600 will soon be completely ‘Fiat’ on the outside. The spy images even make it clear that many retro aspects of the 500X have been retained and that, once again, there is a car with many external references to the Fiat 500 of the 1950s. Think (partly) round headlights, but also the upright taillights and a free rounded carriage with a cute appearance. Fiat doesn’t have to look for ways to give a big grille a new function, because that grill wasn’t there with the 500 model series anyway. Again we expect a narrow cooling slot in the nose, possibly aided by a larger one at the the bottom of the bumper. The interior will soon show that this Fiat is the first to share its technology with Peugeot, Opel and the Jeep Avenger. Expect joysticks and buttons from the stables of the old PSA and also an infotainment system based on that. Undoubtedly, the shared parts are fused together in a way that fits well with the rest of the Fiat range. Think of a big round 500 style ‘clock’, but digital. The ‘automatic control’, to choose the direction of travel, is undoubtedly done with buttons. After all, that’s the case on the new 500e and Jeep Avenger, too, with a set of buttons that are very similar to the technically completely different 500e. Now that those two cars have been named together: It’s surprising how much the Avenger, built using PSA technology, resembles the 500e developed under FCA on the inside. To be sure, the 600 follows the same path, uniting elements of both concerns.


Fiat’s new electric crossover is expected this year. That’s not our hunch, but the logical consequence of Fiat’s promise that two new electric models will be unveiled in 2023. The 600 is therefore not alone, but will likely be immediately joined by a similar model in the form of a hatchback. That spiritual successor to the Fiat Punto was announced in 2021 and given the available platform technology and Fiat’s years of absence from the B-segment, this would be a perfectly logical choice. The new ‘Punto’ -the name is not yet known- will then be the brother of the Peugeot 208 and the Opel Corsa, both very popular. An electric version of this car may also appear immediately, because after all, the sister brands also have them.