Singer Stef Bos: ‘They smuggled poetry into the hit parade’

“I experienced Nick & Simon in 2020 on the TV show Dear singers, he spent five days with them in Ibiza, he hadn’t met them yet. With them I remembered Willem van Hanegem, he was always better than you thought. It was always about Cruijff’s performance, but Van Hanegem could do something about it too. That was the first association I had with Nick & Simon there in Ibiza. They are better than you think.

“When I heard them sing for the first time, I thought: nice, light genre, I like that from time to time. But if you get to know those two, it turns out that there are entire dimensions behind them. I had great conversations with them about that crazy Volendam DNA that has produced so much talent, about parenting, about our little musical world. Nick is philosophical, a chess player too, and Simon is an emotional guest. Different men, good guys who have come a long way together.”

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“His music forms a bridge between popular music and poetry. They smuggled poetry onto the charts, either in their songs or on TV. Dear singers either Amstel Friends Live used to be. You can have if you like someone, and then get to know them personally, which is disappointing, that someone turns out to have a big ego. I experienced the opposite with them.

“I’ve always been jealous of duets. But also see how difficult it can be in the long run. Like Acda and De Munnik, they really had to part ways for a while. You go through phases, it’s like marriage, and you’re not always on the same page. With each duet it’s a tightrope walk. You shouldn’t play sweet peace on stage and kill each other in the locker room. I’m very curious how Nick and Simon will develop separately. I will follow them.”

Britt Henderson has a tattoo from the title track

Realization has yet to come with Britt Henderson, 23, of Gilze. Monday is really over. She is there, in Rotterdam Ahoy, with handkerchiefs.

“When I was a 10-year-old girl, I became a fan. Now I am 23 years old. They have lived with me for much of my childhood. In the past, when I was a kid, it was, oh, this is a good tune. But now, as you get older, you pay more and more attention to the text and content of what they write. The things that happen in your life make the texts more meaningful. Also, I think their singing together is really great.

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“My favorite song is What does life bring you?. The text is so beautiful. That’s why I tattooed it on my arm. The album it’s on Stronger, it is also very good. It’s not a hit that they sing all the time. Actually, they don’t sing it very often at concerts. I have seen many of his concerts. I go at least once a year. 2012 was my first concert. I was a fan for a few years then.

“I have also seen them quite often, more than 20 times I think. That’s still special, how they treat their fans. They also want to know what we think of a concert. They thought that was important.

“Soon, when it’s over, the music will still be alive. I will definitely keep listening to that music. That won’t change. But yeah, you don’t hear them sing live anymore.”

Jolanda Rap is a little worried about the last concert

Jolanda Rap had just heard that her part-time job contract was not renewed when she played the song. just take my hand, from Nick and Simon, who were just starting their careers at the time. That was about sixteen years ago,” says Rap. From that moment on, the now 29-year-old Arnhem fan.

“Still just take my hand It is not the number that is most special to me. That is mainly What does life bring you?. It’s about how to enjoy the things that are, and then there’s a Simon & Garfunkel version, Bridge over turbulent waters. We played that song at my father’s funeral, that is, the original. So when Nick and Simon sing the song, it stirs emotions.

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Nick and Simon with fan Jolanda Rap

“What moves me in Nick and Simon’s music is the lyrics and the way they sing them. The combination of their voices, Simon’s higher and Nick’s sensual.

“The first time I spoke to them I found it very exciting, it really gave me sleepless nights. Now I still think it’s special that they take time for me after a concert for a photo or a chat.

“On Monday we will also be there at the last concert. On one hand, I’m looking forward to it, but on the other hand, I’m also dreading it. I also went two weeks ago. I did not keep it dry there because I knew: this is the penultimate. And now: the last one. Get the tissues.