In 2023 we are super interconnected, I will lose or destroy my smartphone or tablet that will cause not only frustration, but also anxiety, anxiety and concern for the safety of personal data.

Quasi all gli utenti al giorno d’oggi haveno gedeto app bancarie, dati sensibili e tanto altro; Sono passati più di vent’anni dal nokia 3330 y utilizzare il proprio cellulare per giocare a snake e per la rubrica con qualche amico con cui mandarsi sms discussibili e squilli.

Trovare Smart Smartphone, fine to ieri

Samsung and all its other great products have been a decade-long collaboration with Google and its piccola robotic creature chiamata Android to tune tools to validate and efficaci to find your own device.

For example, walking in this link, find and your device collaborators all’account Google in a list and potrete farli squillare or individuarli.

This function will be migliorata with the next update that is all size and will be damaged after a few days.

Difference between the device between iPhone and Android

The function finds my device on your Iphone

Find my device” è uno instrumento que ha regalato agli utenti Apple la convinzione di avere dei dei super sicuri ea prova di ladro, infatti, la funzionalità corrispettiva en Android It only works exclusively with the smartphone access; On the contrary, at Apple, the “Trova il mio device” function works very well also with worn cell phones.

In case the device has been connected to an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, you will be able to view it through the geolocation service; Open the device connected to the corresponding Apple of Google Maps, you can make it suonare and/or attach it to the ground.

Ma asked her if she is fighting with Android 14.

Android 14 will evolve and will surpass Apple’s “I found my device”

As Android 14 cousin anticipates his arrival, the young developer and journalist Kuba Wojciechowski has anticipated his twitter site of 91Mobile that Google is working to render on day 1 of the release of the new system operating a new function “trova il dispositivo”.

The vera particularità protects not only the possibility of removing the device even if it is spent, but also with the network mobile and wi-fi spent. This greatly increases the possibility of using your own smartphone also in case of furto.

This new function does chiamerà pixel off finder and sara similar to that sviluppata in Cupertino da Apple; Thanks to this innovation, all Android devices (and not only the top of the range as happens in Apple) will unite in a huge interconnected network that communicates through UWB technology.

find my device android 14

This feature will share with all OEMs (i device manufacturers) and will be natively present in the Android 14 kernel. The code in question is specified in HAL, ovvero l’Hardware Abstraction Layer that will be ripped in the kernel with the denomination:; The operation per quanto sombri complesso sfrutterà il Bluetooth and a component with a very low impact on the battery that will render the localization super effective.

Quest’evoluzione della funzionalità finds my device and the function Pixel Power-Off Finder are segnali importantissimi su quanto Google starts to remain still attentive and aware of the importance of our personal data; Infatti, per noi utenti, è essenziale sapere che la nostra intera vita digital non finisca nelle mani sbagliate.

Certainly i first device that saranno influenzati da esta aggiornamento saranno i Pixel 8, per tutti gli altri smartphone coinvolti restate in attesa qui su

In the meantime, I was seven curious to discover the last date of Android 14 date one sguardo a quest’ultima news.