with videosSinger Demi van Wijngaarden (24), known for children’s voices and The Voice of Hollandhe has ‘completely deviated’ after his two appearances. He felt that he had missed a part of his childhood and spent much of the week drinking at the bar. Thanks in part to her father, Demi’s life now looks very different.

It starts in 2013 like a dream. Demi, 14 years old at the time, participates in the third season of children’s voices. From the first notes of Etta James Something has a hold on me she impresses at her audition, the video of which is viewed 60 million times before all the clips on YouTube are taken offline due to the Voice-scandal. She comes fourth, but she hardly notices.

Due to her young age, Demi is only allowed to work four hours a day. All filming must take place in those “busy hours,” she says on Thursday night. Better than ever on RTL 4, the program in which former talent show participants tell how they are doing now. “It’s hard for me to talk about it because I’ve been through it and I haven’t,” Demi said. During that time, she looks around her in awe all the time.


My friends didn’t invite me, because Demi has to go back to acting.

Things are different four years later, when he participates in the ‘adult’ Voice. She enjoys it more, she comes fourth again and stays with performances for two or three years. In terms of work, she is what she wants, but she realizes that she ‘missed’ in her youth. ,, she was always working (…) My friends didn’t invite me, because Demi has to act again. She had never been outside, she couldn’t do that at all.”

The ‘curse’ of the city

The desire to ‘see the city’ begins to itch. “I started doing that and then I just went completely crazy,” Demi says. “Really off track. My relationship ended, I was really crazy. (…) They could find me in Amsterdam from Wednesday to Sunday, in front of the bar, with alcohol”. She makes it the ‘curse’ of the city of Hoorn of hers, she laughs: the craziest stories go around her bedfellows, nine out of ten false.

A desperate cry from her father wakes Demi up. The man never cries, but one day he knocks on his door crying. This can’t go on any longer, she says. Shortly after she meets her ex-boyfriend, with whom she rents a house in three weeks. In the same month, at the age of 21, she becomes pregnant with a daughter. The two buy a house and that year she becomes pregnant again, this time with a son.

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“I am completely happy with my husband again, we are registered partners. And two children. So it all worked out again,” says Demi. She hasn’t been on stage in years, but she’s coming in Better than ever up again Rehearsals are difficult and emotional: on the advice of those around her, she Say no more by André Hazes, but that doesn’t feel right:

In the end she chooses I put a Spell on You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and receives praise from his colleagues:

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