Not ten, but five farmers enter a new growing season. farmer looking for wife – from September 3 in the subway – looking for love. They were introduced to the general public on Sunday evening. These are the farmers who embark on the adventure.

Max Segers

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04-09-23, 22:30

Piet (63), cow farmer and farmer

It’s a real men’s club on the German farm where Piet works. Working in fact, because he sold his own farm a few years ago. Although that doesn’t matter much to him. “But when the cows left, most of the emotion came out of me.” He had to deal with the pain on his own because there was no woman in his life. But that’s what he’s really doing. “The desire is always there, that you want someone by your side.” In any case, Piet’s children know what kind of lady he needs: a spontaneous woman, with humor, who isn’t so strict with him.

Peter the farmer
Peter the farmer © KRO-NCRV/ Farmer seeks wife Europe

Claudia (57), milkmaid

Read more than twenty years, Claudia went to Normandy with her husband and daughters to realize her French dream. However, that dream was shattered when Claudia’s husband fell ill. Shortly before his death, the two of them had decided to farm organically. For example, Claudia does not treat her cows with antibiotics, but with acupuncture. The loss is still great, but now Claudia believes that she is ready for a new man. Or as she describes it herself: a friend for life with an ‘expressive face’ and independence. ,, Who also prepares the food once. That sounds wonderful to me!”

The peasant Claudia.
The peasant Claudia. © KRO-NCRV/ Farmer seeks wife Europe

Haico (42), dairy farmer

Haico still lives at home and runs a dairy farm with his parents. His brother and his sister live further down town. Over thirty years ago, the family emigrated from Gelderland to southern Denmark. Haico describes himself as ‘a bit quiet’ and thinks this is mainly due to a lack of self-confidence. The dairy farmer has never been in a relationship. “It’s fun to do something different. I always thought: it will come. But then you wake up at some point and you’re 40.” In any case, Haico has one thing clear: he’s 100% committed to his wife-to-be. “If the click is there, I’m someone who’s really looking for it.”

haico farmer
haico farmer © KRO-NCRV/ Farmer seeks wife Europe

Bernice (23), dairy farmer and horse breeder

Finding love in one of the least populated countries in Europe is not that easy. For this reason, the Frisian Bernice, who lives in Sweden, requests the help of Yvon Jaspers. Bernice, along with her parents and her brother, runs a dairy farm and a horse breeding farm on an estate that dates back to the 1200s. Because Bernice ‘lives in her own bubble,’ love has never been he had crossed her path. It is time for this to change!

Berenice the farmer.
Berenice the farmer. © KRO-NCRV/ Farmer seeks wife Europe

Richard (32), farmer

Richard, an arable farmer, lives in Slovakia, just across the border from Austria. With no less than 1,100 hectares of arable land, Richard – who ‘looks’ through the dilapidated buildings on his land – is a content man, although he still lacks one thing: a woman by his side with whom he hopes to spend a ‘fun’ bit Can Yvon Jaspers say that he has more experience as a farmer than with women? “That’s the honest truth, yes.”

richard farmer.
richard farmer. © KRO-NCRV/ Farmer seeks wife Europe

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Farmer seeks wife Europe
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