They only weigh 20 grams on average, sometimes they cause you terrible pain, and they are so called because we often used to eat them with a strong herbal alcoholic beverage: a bitter. Bitterballen are very popular at parties, terraces, lounges and on Twitter. 16 delicious tweets about bitterballen!

1. And that it’s free!

2. Watch out!

3. Because these kinds of scenes are only fun for others.

4. Do only three of those!

5. They are so tasty.

6. Not all, by the way.

7. It is so.

8. But for real.

9. This is more practical.

10. As long as they are offered to us: as long as they come to us.

11. Or we put them in the fat ourselves.

12. You can also put someone else in front of you.

13. Great!

14. Enjoy.

15. There’s always a reason for a bitterballen party.

16. The world revolves around Bitterballen!

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